I have a component and some of its code e.g. some buttons is inside 3rd party tabs like that:

  <v-tab :title="key">some code here</v-tab>

How could I access that code inside those 3rd party tabs to test after mounting my component?


If you want to test this code in a context of this 3rd party tabs you should try to mount a parent component which wraps all of this code and try to find your code through wrapper.find('selector')

wrapper.find('your button selector').trigger('click') // for example
expect(wrapper.emitted('some click event')).toBe('some event argument')

But I would recommend you to test your functional in another way, start to mount your Component which inside of your tabs out of context of this tabs, because this is unit test and it is much simpler to split your code into independent parts and test them one by one.

  <v-tab :title="key">
    <WrapYourCodeComponent />

vaue-tabs tabs and v-tab already have tested by its creators but you need to test WrapYourCodeComponent

  • find my selector doesn't work because for some reason I don't see any HTML that is inside vue-tabs. I'll probably split my code into smaller components. it's just that amount of tabs depends on the button inside tab and there isn't much code aprt from that. – Žilvinas Nov 4 at 18:55
  • Did you add this 3d library on unit test? like Vue.use(library) – Alexey Nazarov Nov 4 at 19:10
  • @AlexeyNazarov yes – Tom Nov 5 at 0:24

I've sorted my problem by importing vue tabs to the test file and adding it to the local vue instance.

import { mount, createLocalVue } from '@vue/test-utils';
import VueTabs from 'vue-nav-tabs/dist/vue-tabs';

const localVue = createLocalVue();

beforeEach(() => {
  wrapper = mount(basicData, {

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