I am using JHipster to create springboot application and I think it uses JIB to create the docker container. Everything works fine, but what about doing a startup script or running additional stuff. In my case i need to startup an apt installed service

CMD service pcscd start 

If i put just in image this will not happen on startup. When I add it to the POD definition in Kubernetes it wipes out the springboot application startup and just exits like all I wanted to do was run the command. How do I run a startup script that will first startup my pcscd service and THEN startup the spring boot app?


There are multiple ways to run multiple commands, primarily using a shell:

  1. Run the commands using the "shell form" of ENTRYPOINT. (However, the Dockerfile reference prefers the "exec form" below.) Behind the scene, this "shell form" actually runs a shell binary (like /bin/sh) and let the shell interpret the "script" (here, echo one && echo two).
FROM ubuntu:bionic
ENTRYPOINT echo one && echo two
  1. Run the commands using the "exec form" of ENTRYPOINT. In this case, the shell binary is invoked directly.
FROM ubuntu:bionic
ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/sh", "-c", "echo one && echo two"]
  1. If the commands become complex, consider putting them in a file. Not really different from above in that now the shell binary (as indicated by #/bin/sh at the top of the file below) interprets what is inside the script file.
echo -e '#/bin/sh'"\necho one && echo two" > my-entrypoint.sh
FROM ubuntu:bionic
COPY my-entrypoint.sh /
RUN chmod +x /my-entrypoint.sh
ENTRYPOINT /my-entrypoint.sh
  1. Like above, but use the "exec form".
ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/sh", "-c", "/my-entrypoint.sh"]

(FYI, you can combine using ENTRYPOINT or CMD, but I won't go into that, since for executing multiple commands, often ENTRYPOINT would be enough. You can check the Dockerfile reference to learn how ENTRYPOINT and CMD interact.)

For Jib, you can use <container><entrypoint> / container.entrypoint to customize your image entrypoint. (Check the Maven and Gradle references.) And you can use the <extraDirectories> feature (Maven / Gradle) to supply arbitrary files including shell scripts. Moreover, <extraDirectories> allows using <permissions> to give, for example, executable bits to shell scripts.

Also note that the default Java base images Jib uses does not have the /bin/sh binary (a shell), so you will have to use a different base image that has a shell.

Lastly, note that I'm merely answering how to achieve running multiple commands for a container image. This doesn't necessarily be an ideal way to run a service in a robust and resilient way on Kubernetes (or any production environment).

  • Ok is there an entrypoint.sh generated in src/main/jib/entrypoint.sh with jhipster? – Steven Smart Nov 6 at 3:08

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