I will need to have some properties for every page. For example,

private MyClass _myclass;
protected MyClass MyClass => _myclass ??= InitMyClass();

Instead of putting the lines on every razor page. What's the idiomatic way to do it for Blazor? A base class (how?) or do some tricks in _Host.cshtml?


Add MyClass as scoped service and inject it wherever you want to use.



Now you can inject same instance in every page using @inject directive.


@inject MyClass myClass


  • I'm converting the code from a Asp.Net web api project. The original code is implemented by creating a baseController and let every controller inherits it. Is it the same as AddScope<...>()? – ca9163d9 Nov 5 at 4:31

A base class (how?)

Create a base class:

public class MyBase : ComponentBase 
    private MyClass _myclass;
    protected virtual MyClass MyClass => _myclass ?? ... ;

And then use the @inherits directive to extends the base class :

@page "/counter"
@inherits MyBase

  • Hmm, it seems the dependency injection way (in another answer) is easier. No need to create another class. – ca9163d9 Nov 5 at 5:17
  • @ca9163d9 The dependency injection requires you use a single instance or transient instances. If that's the case, you can choose the DI. But if you would like to have a standlone property for every page itself, I believe the @inherits directive is preferred. – itminus Nov 5 at 5:21
  • Curious, what's the problem when using AddScope<MyClass>()? – ca9163d9 Nov 5 at 5:23
  • @ca9163d9 See Add services to an app : "Blazor WebAssembly apps don't currently have a concept of DI scopes." – itminus Nov 5 at 5:24
  • @ca9163d9 See also Utility base component classes to manage a DI scope : "Services injected into the component using @inject or the InjectAttribute aren't created in the component's scope and are tied to the request scope." – itminus Nov 5 at 5:34

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