I am trying to connect Firebase to Google BigQuery Sandbox to check the raw data of Google Analytics for Firebase.

Linking Firebase and BigQuery needs to upgrade Firebase for Blaze plan. If I upgrade Blaze plan, is it not avaliable use BigQuery Sandbox? If BigQuery Sandbox is not able to use Firebase Blaze plan, is it available BigQuery Free Trail?

I would like to know the combination to be able to Firebase Blaze plan connect to BigQuery.

  • Welcome to SO! This is a Programming forum. Which one is your programming question? You should ask in some other forum as Super User, f.e. – David García Bodego Nov 5 at 3:59
  • Please contact Firebase support directly for questions about billing and linking Firebase to Bigquery. firebase.google.com/support – Doug Stevenson Nov 5 at 7:54
  • Thank you for your response. I understood. Asking firebase support directory. – Yuka Nov 5 at 10:09

According to this Google Help's answer: Link Firebase to BigQuery.

You can export Crashlytics, Predictions, Cloud Messaging, and Performance Monitoring data to the BigQuery sandbox free of charge. Data export for Google Analytics for Firebase is only available for projects on the Blaze plan. With the full BigQuery integration available on the Blaze plan, you also gain access to export data from Google Analytics for Firebase

So you should be able to use BigQuery sandbox after upgrading to Blaze.

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