Is there any way I can convert the React web app to maybe a React Native App without much effort; sharing the same core codebase (where all the logic is). Thank you!

I have tried TWA and PWA to APK. I want the android application to also have native app features.

  • Not really, you can abstract common logic to functions, but you will have to write the wrappers though. – Ayush Gupta Nov 5 at 6:57
  • You'd have to start by learning some React Native coding, and go from there. – Richard Le Mesurier Nov 5 at 7:04

Yes, but you need to put some extra efforts like

a. either converting React-DOM components like div, span, img etc to React-native components like View, Text, Image etc

because, React-Native renderer doesn't understand what are div, span's etc.


b. Use React-Native-Web (https://github.com/necolas/react-native-web)

Either ways, we need to extract out the base components which are related to specific renderer.

So, as a standard Design system rule in React Ecosystem is : to make a abstract layer above the base components provided by the renderer such that changing the renderer later should be easier.

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