We have a development VM for Dynamics 365 for finance and operations, I am trying to add a pre-developed customized package to our development virtual machine using the following command:

AXUpdateInstaller.exe devinstall

But the following error continue to pops-up:

Exception calling "CreateRuntimeProvider" with "1" argument(s):
"Serialization version mismatch detect, make sure the runtime dlls are in sync with the deployed metadata. Version of file '181'. Version of dll '172'."

I searched over the internet and the only solution was to do full build from Visual Studio, however, the build ran successfully with no errors but still cannot add the packages.

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This error can occur when the package you are trying to install was compiled on a higher platform version than the system you are installing into.

For example, let's say the package was compiled and created on an environment that is on version 10.0.6 with platform update 30. If you try to install this package on an environment that is on version 10.0.5 with platform update 29, you would get an error similar to yours.

If you upload the package to the LCS asset library, it will show you after package validation the platform version the package was build with. Compare this to the platform version of your environment and make sure the platform version is equal or higher.

To resolve this, you can either update the environment to a version equal to or higher than the version of the package. Or you build the package on an environment that has the same or a lower version than your environment.

  • Yes we found out that the current VM platform were update 24 while packages are 29. Nov 11, 2019 at 14:28

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