I have plotted the frequency domain for an mp3 file and wav file as shown in Figure below. They are in dotted blue and dark orange respectively. Why is there no difference which I thought the frequency of mp3 should be lower.

Frequency domain for mp3 and wav file

  • Wave files have a higher frequency range (I think it was upto 18kHz), however the file has a cut off at 15kHz, which is the reason the dont differ. The question is how both files were generated? – Irreducible Nov 5 at 8:44
  • I downloaded the mp3 file from the website and I decode the mp3 file into wav file. The wav file is larger but I wonder why the frequency domain shown no difference. – Cyan Nov 5 at 9:11
  • 3
    So you converted a file with a low frequency content to a format which can hold a bigger frequency content expecting that it will have more information ? How should that work? Where should the more information come from? Try it the other way, find a "original" wav file and convert it to mp3 and compare those ... – Irreducible Nov 5 at 9:14
  • If so, what is the purpose of mp3 decoder since it could not rebuild and provide the original wav quality? – Cyan Nov 7 at 5:43
  • A file converter has only the purpose to change the file format. In the case that the specifications of one format are lower than of the original format a conversion results in a loss of information. In the opposite case the information wont change. Or would you be surprise when pouring 300ml Water from a glass into a bottle, which has a volume of 1000ml, that there is only 300ml in the bottle? – Irreducible Nov 7 at 6:12

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