I am having an issue ng zorr table with pagination. Uing pagination with seperate component like below

<nz-table #dynamicTable
                [nzScroll]="fixHeader ? { y: '240px' } : null"
                [nzFooter]="footer ? 'Sayfalama' : null"
                [nzTitle]="title ? 'Müşteri Listesi' : null"
        <tr *ngIf="header">
<!--          <th nzWidth="50px"></th>-->
          <th nzWidth="150px">Kod</th>
          <th nzWidth="70px">Ad</th>
          <th>3'lü kod</th>
          <th nzWidth="260px">Telefon kodu</th>
        <tr *ngFor="let data of dynamicTable.data">
<!--          <td nzShowCheckbox *ngIf="checkbox" [(nzChecked)]="data.checked"></td>-->
          <td>{{ data.code }}</td>
          <td>{{ data.name }}</td>
          <td>{{ data.tripleCode }}</td>
          <td>{{ data.phoneCode }}</td>
      <nz-pagination class="pagination" nzShowSizeChanger nzShowQuickJumper [nzTotal]="total" [(nzPageIndex)]="pageIndex" [(nzPageSize)]="pageSize"
                     (nzPageSizeChange)="pageSizeChanged($event)" (nzPageIndexChange)="pageIndexChanged($event)"

The problem is when I set the total record of data which also getting it from API as below. Table show only 10 record whatever total count is.

loadPage() {
    this.apiService.postAny(['ListAsync'], null, this.filterModel).subscribe(data => {
      if (this.apiService.checkResponse(data)) {
        this.loading = false;
        this.total = data.result.count;
        this.countryList = [];
        this.countryList = data.result.result as CountryListModel[];
    }, error => {
    }, () => {
      console.log('Country load completed !');

API return 17 records but table show only 10 record. If I use page navigation with page number I can see all record with page size. But If I change the directly page size (for example set it 20 per page) table only shoing 10 records nothing more. But API returns as expected.

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    try to add [nzPageIndex] and [nzPageSize] to <nz-table>
    – fbfatboy
    Nov 5, 2019 at 8:47

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You need add [nzTotal] for count pages and [pageIndex], [pageSize]

  • Ohhh!! If you are using server side pagination
    – Acid_st
    Dec 2, 2020 at 14:53

just add [nzFrontPagination]=false

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