I am using phalcon php to develop an API with phalcon micro app.

My dependency injector

//Register and start session
$di->setShared('session', function() {
    $session = new SessionAdapter();
    return $session;

Part of my app.php of phalcon micro app

$app->post('/login', function() use($app){
    $SessionArray = array(
                      'ID' => 143,
                      'EmailAddress' => "e@mail.com",
                      'MobileNo'=> "2323232",
                      'UserType' => "Author",
                      'FullName'=> "fname",
                      'WorkingID' => 134,
                      'ProfileImage'=> "test"

    echo "Hello world";
    $app->session->set('user-session', $SessionArray);
    echo "Phalcon Session";

When above method is called via Postman, it works perfectly fine. But when the method is called via ajax, it does not work. echo statement above and below $app->session->set('user-session', $SessionArray);, does not get printed. But when I comment the session set code, both the text are printed.

I tried to enable error reporting and using try catch block, no errors are thrown.

Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

  • @RiggsFolly, I am working with phalcon micro app, and I am exactly doing what doc is suggesting. I don't find my answer here in doc – WatsMyName Nov 5 at 9:50

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