I get the following error , both on my linux and windows boxes, when I build try to check out SVN tags from an ant build.

  [svn] <Checkout> started ...
  [svn] svn: authentication cancelled
  [svn] <Checkout> failed 

How do I resolve this? Funny thing is I can browse the repo via Tortoise SVN by entering my credentials.

It cannot be a "windows-has-cached-my-SVN-credtentials" issue. Since, I have cleared my SVN "auth" directory and it happens simulatnesouly on my Linux box which is oblivious to my Windows machine.

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It depends on the version of the IDE, this problem appeared after IDEA 9 and in a first glance seems to be a bug connected to password encryption. Here you have an issue reported.

They say you need to tweak .subversion/servers and set it to

# Password / passphrase caching parameters:
  store-passwords = yes
  store-plaintext-passwords = yes
  store-ssl-client-cert-pp = yes
  store-ssl-client-cert-pp-plaintext = yes

NOTE : This will store the passwords as PLAIN TEXT!

But this one does not help for version 11. I fixed like this for my Community 11 version :

1) Went to Settings

2) Then Version Control-> Subversion

3) Pressed Clear Auth Cache

4) Went to Changes->Repository and pressed Refresh

IDEA asked me if I would like to accept the certificate

5) Answered Accept

Then It failed to refresh with "svn: authentication cancelled" error

But in Event Log I saw

11:20:12 AM svn: authentication cancelled
11:21:11 AM 0 changes committed, 1 change failed to commit: Toggle Listener more 
11:23:05 AM Not Logged In to Subversion: Click to fix. Not logged In to Subversion 'Subversion Repositories'

6) I klicked on "Click to fix"

Then IDEA asked me to enter account and password and I saw that the default user name that it used was my users name on my mac. After I entered the real name and password everything worked fine.

  • Anton, thanks, the info on Intellij 11 was very helpful. I made some changes to users in SVN and madness ensued when I attempted to commit changes from within Intellij. You saved me a lot of time, trying to figure this out! – Patrick Garner Jun 12 '12 at 18:39
  • 2
    Thanks. That solved the problem on IDEA 12 too. – André Casteliano Sep 2 '12 at 14:41
  • Checking the event log did the trick! IDEA 13 – xaviert Apr 10 '14 at 14:01

I had the same error (for password-less local repository).

Removing whole working copy and re-checkout helped. Credentials were asked once again for new WC guid. After that commits goes straightforward.


I removed .subversion directory, used svn client for checking in modified files. Updated repository through IDE and everything started working.


Ant might try to access the Repository in a way you don't use - like a slightly different hostname or so. Then svn asks for the credentials of this 'new' repository.

Try to get the full svn command line that ant executes and run it yourself. I am no ant expert, can't help you there.

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