I am not able to view the Scaling options in a Virtual Machine Scale Set I had created.

There are 3 workers configured on a VMSS and I would like to scale up and down based on a Storage Queue Size. However I am not able to see the Scaling and many other options on the blade.

The worker instances are configured with an Ubuntu image.

This is the screen on the docs found here VMSSDocImage

This is what I have on my VMSS blade: MyVMSSBlade

I would really appreciate the help!

Thanks in advance!


This happens you select the VirtualMachine as Orchestration modes when you create a virtual machine scale set.

enter image description here

See the comparison below. In this case, you could select the ScaleSetVM Orchestration modes if you want to automatically scale or manually scale.

enter image description here

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    Thank you for your reply. When I create a VMSS first and create the VMs through that, I was able to solve this. Cheers! – sahil.kr Nov 6 at 6:25

Did you click enable autoscale? when you do that you should be able to see a screen to do the configuration as follows

enter image description here

  • Thanks for your answer. I was not even able to see the Scaling option on the left. When I created the VMSS on its own and created VMs from it, I can see see those options :) Cheers! – sahil.kr Nov 6 at 6:27

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