in short: I'm trying to format my NugetVersion instead of using the default, by adding -{ShortSha} in the end (to versions with prefix)

So basically what I'm trying to do is to use GitVersionTask Nuget package to version my Nuget packages but also including ShortSha in the end when a prefix is available , the main reason for that is so I can tell exactly from which commit that package was created.

I managed to make default versioning working by simply adding :

        <PackageReference Include="GitVersionTask" Version="5.0.0">

to my ".csproj" file.

now when packing my packages, they do get a cool version such as:


which is awesome, but I would like to also add the commit short sha to it so it becomes:


looking at the docs, by editing the GitVersion.yml it seems that I could change InformationalVersion, FileVersion, AssemblyVersion using: assembly-versioning-format, assembly-versioning-format, assembly-informational-format

unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to change NugetVersion format through GitVersion.yml

Is there a way to format NugetVersion in GitVersionTask?

Or do I have to use code or another approach instead of GitVersionTask?

Note: I would like to add this short sha only when there's a prefix

thank you for your help, it is really appreciated.

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