Many of my content pages are created in Contentful. At this point I add details, like prices, manually in the content in the content field in my content models. Prices are prone to change so preferably I would like to have a central PHP file containing all prices.

So now I want to link, let's call it prices.php file (with its variables) to my Contentful controller.

How do I get the variable(s) to be available in the content part of the content model?

At this point I'm still only doing research into possible solutions since I'm not a backend developer, more front end. In Contentful's own documentation I get lost. So I apologize for not having much code to show.

Here is the function that I think will be responsible for handling the variable data:

public function render_contentful() {

        $request_path = parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], PHP_URL_PATH);

        $request_pieces = explode('/', trim($request_path,'/'), 3);

        $repo = new ContentRepository();

        list($contentPage_url) = $request_pieces;
        if (substr($contentPage_url,-1) === '!') {
            $contentPage_url = rtrim($contentPage_url, '!');

        $entry = new ContentfulEntry($repo->showContentpage('/' . $contentPage_url));

        echo $this->content_page_contentful(array(
            'title'       => $entry->fields->htmlTitle,
            'description' => $entry->fields->metaDescription,
            'path'        => DIR_MODS.'/contentpages/views/pages/generic_contentpage.php',
            'entry' => $entry

But what do I need to add and how do I need to adjust my content model?

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