I have to build a flutter app where the data need to be shown on home screen of the phone, if the app is in background mode.

Till now i have not found any relevant information regarding the home screen widget or how to create the app widget in flutter except the one that

we can build app widget in native(Android/iOS). Native widget in android

Do i need to handle app widget from the native code or is there a way to handle app widget in flutter.

  • You'll need to do it in native. And it's quite a tricky topic if you want it to interact with your Flutter app. – Julien Lachal Nov 6 '19 at 8:50

It's not official supported, but there are some packages, to do the basic stuff:


Android iOS
image image

There is also a ticket in the Flutter repo: Explore home widgets for iOS 14. So you can upvote this ticket, if you are interested.

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