I have the simplest possible scheme for caching in a PWA. (I used a different one before, but that got too confusing - because the cache did not seem to behave as I expected.)

It is just a list of files to be cached and a version number for the cache.

const CACHE_VERSION = "n.n.n";
  offline: 'offline-v' + CACHE_VERSION
const installCache = [ ... list of files to cache ... ]

with the what I believe is the usual handling of "activate"-event etc. Right now I can see in Google Chrome that an ".mjs" file is not updated in the latest version PWA cache.

This is my "install" event handler:

self.addEventListener('install', event => {
  async function doIinstall() {
    const cache = await caches.open(CURRENT_CACHES.offline);
    await event.waitUntil(cache.addAll(installCache));

Is there something wrong with this event handler?

EDIT: Checking the "Update on reload" in Chrome Application tab fixes the cache.

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