I am working on a WPF application with ReactiveUI and am trying to create a simple authentication window like:

LoginWindow The textboxes need to become error templated (red border) as soon as they are empty. As well as the Login button needs to be deactivated in this case.

Regarding view input validation there are current problems as the extension BindValidation() doesn't seem to work properly. (see sample: https://github.com/gerardo-lijs/ReactiveUI-Validation-Sample/blob/master/01-Basic-XAML/MainWindow.xaml.cs and recommended solution: ReactiveUI, WPF and Validation)

My workaround contains classical wpf binding from codebehinde and validation with ValidationRule derivations. As well as WhenAnyValue() validations in the viewmodel like:

IObservable<bool> canLogin = this
        x => x.UserName ,
        x => x.Password ,
        x => x.IsBusy ,
        (cn, un , pw , isBusy) =>
            !isBusy &&
            !String.IsNullOrEmpty(cn) &&
            !String.IsNullOrEmpty(un) &&

LoginCommand = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromTask<string , bool>(_ => DoLogin() , canLogin);

The classical WPF-validations works (border gets red) if I set ValidationStep.RawProposedValue and the reactive button validation works with ValidationStep.UpdateValue. But they don't work together.

What am I missing or doing wrong?

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