I'm connecting to a virtual machine in Azure using Remote-SSH extension in Visual Studio Code. Problem is I can't ssh as root, but need root privileges to edit some files in /etc folder. 'Sudo-ing' in the terminal window has no effect. I'm thinking changing the file permissions would allow me to edit the files as a normal user, but I'd rather avoid that. Any ideas how I could edit the files in VS Code then?

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I ended up using SSH FS extension instead. Created a new configuration with my connection details (host, username and private key). Then in File > Preferences > Settings > Extensions > SSH FS Configuration > Sshfs: Configs I added "sftpSudo": true, which allowed me to edit the files as root.

p.s. I'll leave the question open for a while longer, just in case somebody can explain how I can achieve this using Remote-SSH extension.

  • does that work in explorer tab? Apr 19, 2022 at 8:16
  • If you're using the Edit config tab, just add your user under SFTP Sudo Optional. Oct 5, 2022 at 19:05

One solution is to use bindfs (sudo apt install bindfs).

To enable editing /etc as root for the current user, working in ~/.bind-mounts/etc:

mkdir -p ~/.bind-mounts/etc
sudo bindfs --map=root/${USER}:@root/@$(id -gn) /etc ~/.bind-mounts/etc

# When you're done
sudo umount ~/.bind-mounts/etc
# or run bindfs with '-f' to keep it in the foreground

bindfs has many options. --map may not be the best. It's been working in my testing so far.

Everything seems to work as you'd expect. Lets you "explore" as root and any modifications will be made as if you had root's permissions. Just don't forget the security implications!

Original answer is here, behind the fold.

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