I am using a DynamicData SourceCache of Events in my Model.

I have a ViewModel that Connects to the SourceCache and Binds the items to a ReadOnlyObservableCollection<EventViewModel> like so:

          .Transform(e => new EventViewModel(e))
          .Bind(out _items)

I use this observable collection in my View and at some point I iterate over the SourceCache in my Model like so (I have also tried using a foreach to loop over the items):

for (int i=0; i < Events.Items.Count(); i++)
   var @event = Events.Items.ElementAt(i);
   @event.StartedAt = DateTime.UtcNow;
   @event.State = await @event.RunAsync() ? "Passed" : "Failed";
   @event.FinishedAt = DateTime.UtcNow;
   await manager.ManufactureService.SaveJobItemEvent(JobID, JobItemID, @event)

The EventViewModel has the following property used to update the event status indicator in the View when the Event.State is changed:

private ObservableAsPropertyHelper<bool> _passed;
public bool Passed => _passed.Value;

public EventViewModel(
    _passed = this.WhenAnyValue(
                x => x.State,
                (state) => String.Equals(state, "passed", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase))
                .Select(x => x)
                .ToProperty(this, x => x.Passed, scheduler: RxApp.MainThreadScheduler);

But the view never updates. Is there a proper way to iterate over the SourceCache.Items so that when the items are updated/modified the changes are propagated.

Note: I did try adding the following line to the end of the loop which kindof worked but instead of updating the Event the existing Event was removed and the updated Event was appended to the end of the list, which was reflected in the View.


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