I'm quite a novice on this and I don't know if I will explain myself well. I am trying to do an exercise in SQL in which asks me to update the data in an "X" table from other data in a "Y" table. The problem is that it is not about updating table X exactly like the data in table Y. I put the statement and my tables:

Update the "numJocs" field (number of games) for all platforms, depending on the number of games each of the platforms in the GAMES table has.


platform table

where: "nom" is name.

GAMES table:

games table

where: "nom" is name, "preu" is price, "idPlataforma" is idPlatform and "codiTenda" is storeCode, but only idPlataforma interested for this exercise.

If I do:

SELECT COUNT(games.idPlataforma)
FROM games
GROUP BY (games.idPlataforma)

I can see how many games there are for each platform. The result would be:


I would like to be able to put this result in the PLATFORM table, column "numJocs". But I don't know how to do it ... I also don't want to put it manually, that is, a "2" in a row "1", etc ... but I would like to be able to make a query and add that query in the column that I have to fill in. He tried to do a thousand things, but nothing ... Any help?


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    what is your dbms name?
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    Most people here want sample table data and expected result as formatted text, not as images (or links to images.)
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    Nov 7, 2019 at 9:37
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for one time update you can use below query

update Product P
SELECT games.idPlataforma, COUNT(games.idPlataforma) as cnt
FROM games
GROUP BY games.idPlataforma
) x ON P.id= x.idPlataforma
SET P.numJocs= x.cnt

For the next time on every entry of new game you have a update numJocs

  • Wow! Thank you very much! What I did in 27 lines of code is reduced by only 7. Nov 7, 2019 at 15:22

Suppose you have 2 tables, table 1 and table 2:

Table 1:

enter image description here

Table 2:

enter image description here

You could insert new values into table 1, based on table 2 by doing the following:

insert  into Table1(number,CFG) select ITEM,results from Table2

Which has the following result in table 1:

enter image description here


Any database should support the syntax using a correlated subquery:

update platforms
    set numjocs = (select count(*)
                   from games g
                   where g.idPlatforms = platforms.id

I would caution you though about storing this value in the table. It will be immediately out of data if the platforms table changes. If you want to keep it in synch, then you need to create triggers -- and this is all rather complicated.

Rather, calculate the data on the fly:

select p.*,
       (select count(*)
        from games g
        where g.idPlatforms = platforms.id
       ) as numjocs
from platforms p ;

You can put this in a view if you like. Many databases support materialized views where the results of the view are stored in a "table" and the table is kept up-to-date with the underlying data.

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