I want to fetch the locale from the list of locale and the whole application should according to that locale of country for date Format?

I added the imports for a few countries like Swedish, Norway, French, etc in app.module.ts.It works fine

import('@angular/common/locales/sv').then(lang =>

import('@angular/common/locales/fr').then(lang =>

But I want it to add dynamically all the locale of the countries So, I tried this code in service.ts .Though it doesn't work. Please anyone can help me

const localeId = settings.LOCALE.substring(0,settings.LOCALE.indexOf('-'));
   import(`@angular/common/locales/${localeId}.js`).then(module =>registerLocaleData(module.default)); 

//settings.LOCALE is value i am fetching from list of Locale( eg.fr_FR,Sv,nh_NO)


  • Not clear to me! Can you explain/add some code? – Prashant Pimpale Nov 7 at 13:05

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