Sample data

3-29 Arlanta hoozers      4  7 status

R Code

    > myfile <- read.fwf(
        +    file        = "events.dat",
        +    width       = c(4,10,8,2,2,8),
        +    col.names   = c("date", "city", 
             "won", "lost", "status"),
        +    colClasses  = c("character", "character", 
            "character", "numeric", "numeric", 
        +    na.strings=".",
        +    sep=" ",
        +    strip.white = TRUE,
        + )

Error in read.table(file = FILE, header = header, sep = sep, row.names = row.names, : more columns than column names

What is this error message telling me? The date looks suspicious. I can't use lubridate package until I can read in the data.

Suggestions here? I am having difficulty deciding on which read command to use for my input files. Should I let the extension be my quide? Thanks. MM

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    Hi @mary,, do all the lines have the same amount of variables? If so, please try read.delim(events.dat) – Aswiderski Nov 7 '19 at 22:15
  • There were missing data for some observations but your approach worked. I am going to collect information about each read in function and see if I can figure out a flow chart of how to approach these. The delim function includes an option sep="\t". What does that mean? Thank you. MM – Mary A. Marion Nov 7 '19 at 22:40
  • I am going to answer your question with my previous response and provide a response to your next question. – Aswiderski Nov 8 '19 at 16:22

Per our discussion in the comments this solution worked for you:


To answer your f/u question the sep="\t" means that the separator is a tab. R likes that command better than inseting an actual tab into quotes.

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