So I've been making a basic pygame program that has some buttons and a background, and in setting up the system for the buttons to get slightly darker when hovered over and a lot darker when clicked, I came across this issue, where each time I click, the button gets darker, as it should, but then on release, the button goes back to full brightness for just a frame or two, before returning to the hover light level.

class button:
    def __init__(self, action, actionParam, buttonPic, x, y, w, h):
        self.action = action
        self.actionParam = actionParam

        self.bx = int(uiX + (x * uiW))
        self.by = int(uiY + (y * uiH))
        self.bw = int(w * uiW)
        self.bh = int(h * uiH)

        self.buttonPic = pygame.transform.scale(buttonPic, (self.bw, self.bh))

        self.over = pygame.Surface((self.bw, self.bh))

    def draw_button(self):
        if window.blit(self.buttonPic, (self.bx, self.by)).collidepoint(mouse):
            if click[0]:
        else: self.over.set_alpha(0)
        window.blit(self.buttonPic, (self.bx, self.by))
        window.blit(self.over, (self.bx, self.by))

    def click_button(self):
        if window.blit(self.buttonPic, (self.bx, self.by)).collidepoint(mouse):

It's also not responsive in getting darker when I hover over the buttons, where on something like my internet browser, the instant I hover over a button, it reacts.

note, 'mouse', which I use in the collidepoint line, is defined as pygame.mouse.get_pos() each time the main loop runs before the buttons are drawn and 'click', is pygame.mouse.get_pressed()

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