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.prop() vs .attr()

What is the differnece between doing

$('div').prop('title','whatever'); //set
$('div').prop('title'); //get


$('div').attr('title','whatever'); //set
$('div').attr('title'); //get

prop() seems to behave the same as attr() in the case of div attribute. I read the 1.6 documentation for this but i'm still a little confused.

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prop and attr do not always give different results. They only give different results when there is a difference between a property and an attribute.

For instance, with the checked attribute/property:

$(':checkbox').prop('checked'); // returns boolean true false
$(':checkbox').attr('checked'); // returns string "checked" or undefined

This is all well explained on prop vs attr.

However, with the title attribute/property, there is no difference. They are both strings, and setting one will set the other to that value.

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