I have created PWA app using angular. It works fine after installing app. Now I open website and login into website and credentials for that user is stored in localStorage. I click on add to home screen and open PWA app, it works fine. Then I uninstall app and again go to website and enter login credentials of other user. Then again I click on add to home screen icon and open PWA app but it shows me old user login instead of new which I did from website.

-> Open Website and login as User1
-> Click on add to home screen
-> Open installed PWA app it will show User1 as logged in
-> Uninstall PWA app
-> Go to website and logged in as User2
-> Click on Add to home screen
-> Open installed PWA app it will show User1 logged in instead of User2

User credentials are stored in localStorage from which website shows that which user is logged in the website

How can I show always new user as logged in, in the PWA app ? Are service worker also unregistered after uninstalling PWA app from android, ios ?


If you have implemented login auth through localstorage then until you log out from user1 , it will always show user1 logged in as it is stored in your localstorage in mobile. You have to logout from user1

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