I'm trying myself in creating a ML-based app. Server side in on python with the help of h2o, Client side is on nodejs + frontend.

The server side part has the next structure:
- run.sh (script that takes parameters from client side and runs the needed python script)
- preprocess.py
- analyse.py
- visualize.py
- load.py
- upload.py

Each script contains h20 cluster initialization:


It works fine if only one process is ran. If I start another process - I will soon face cluster overload since all the computations are stored inside the cluster on the machine with h2o.

Currently I tried to split processes via using Docker containers so that each script runs in separate docker container, but I'm starting to think that I chose the wrong way.

If there a way to split processes? Like running clusters on different ports for each call. So that shutting down of one process won't affect another running process.

Or maybe I should use some additional technologies?

Any advises are welcome.

  • if you specify the port number in h2o.init then you will be able to reach separate clusters. – TomKraljevic Nov 8 at 11:26
  • @TomKraljevic yes, I read about such approach. But if I understood right, I can not specify which cluster to shut dowm, so I can't get whether it will close the "unneeded" cluster or not. – antares Nov 8 at 11:40
  • think of the h2o.init as setting the current cluster. shutdown will shut the last one that was connected to. – TomKraljevic Nov 9 at 15:27
  • or you can have multiple python interpreters, one for each cluster. – TomKraljevic Nov 9 at 15:28

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