I have wrapped my <img> in the anchor tag but it isn't acting like a link. However the <p> is acting as a link. How do I get it so that I do not need the <p> tag to be there and the image to still work as the same link?

There is currently no cursor change on hovering over the image

<div class="container">
  {% for item in page.client_images.all %} {% image item.image fill-150x150-c100 %}
  <a href="{{ item.caption }}" style="display:block;">
    <img src="{{ img.url }}" class="item" alt="{{ img.alt }}">
    <p>{{ item.caption }}</p>

  {% endfor %}

enter image description here


The best way to debug this is to check the generated HTML in your browser's developer tools. If you do this, you'll find that the order of tags is not what you expect...

This is because the template tag

{% image item.image fill-150x150-c100 %}

should be:

{% image item.image fill-150x150-c100 as img %}

If you leave out the as img, the tag will immediately output the <img> element, and since this is happening outside of the <a>, it will not be part of the link. Meanwhile, the <img> in your template code is a broken image, because it refers to the variable img, which isn't defined.

  • Awesome thank you. Knew it would be something small. I've had that as img elsewhere too for gallery images in a carousel. Definitely didn't totally understand why that is so necessary for image changes. – Joelad Nov 8 '19 at 13:29

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