This blue appears around the edges of a window whenever that window has focus, and I want to get rid of it/style it another color.

enter image description here

Doing some research, it seems that the following code is the agreed upon solution for other nodes, but does not appear to work on the window as a whole.

    -fx-focus-color: transparent !important;
    -fx-faint-focus-color: transparent !important;
  • What happens if you replace .root with .*? I suspect the window style is a parent of the 'root' element, hence why it isn't applied to the window. Using the star-selector/wildcard, it will select all elements. – n247s Nov 8 at 13:56
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    Good idea. Unfortunately * seems to work on everything except the outside of the window. I'm starting to think that it might be impossible if even the wildcard didn't work – Brandon Loehle Nov 8 at 14:12

Turns out this color is the accent color of Windows 10, and has nothing to do with JavaFX. Oh well, guess it will have to stay.

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    One far stretched alternative is using a borderless window and implement the window utility yourself (i.e. resizing, closing, minimizing, maximizing). That way you have full layout control. But again, far stretched. – n247s Nov 8 at 14:40

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