I have two vectors of equal length

a <- 1:10
b <- sample.int(10,size=10)

I would like to plot them into a matrix of the same length (10) where a is the row coordinate, b the column coordinate, with the value 1 for the coordinates and 0 for everything else. I have below a way to do this using a for loop, but was hoping to do this without a loop. Thanks!

matrix01 <- matrix(0, nrow = 10, ncol = 10)

for(i in 1:10) {
   matrix01[i, b[i]] = 1

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1) Use replace and cbind like this:

replace(matrix(0, 10, 10), cbind(a, b), 1)

2) In the question a equals 1:10 and in that special case (but not more generally) another possibility is:

+ outer(b, 1:10, `==`)


+ sapply(1:10, `==`, b)

3) In the question a is 1:10 and b is a premutation of 1:10. In that special case (but not more generally) this works:

diag(10)[b, ]

4) In the question both a and b are premutations of 1:10 and in that special case (but not more generally) this works to give a table:

table(a, b)

This would also work and is similar:

xtabs(~ a + b)


Note that the question

  • uses seq(1:10) which should be just 1:10
  • needs to add set.seed to make the input reproducible
  • defines a but then does not use it in the code

You can create a row/column matrix using cbind and assign the value 1 to those position.

matrix01[cbind(a, b)] <- 1

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