Need to display a pdf document in delphi rio 10.3 I have tried to follow this but it seems to be outdated.

How is this to be done in Rio10.3?

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    Doesn't seem to be outdated to me. I use Component->Import ActiveX control from the IDE's main menu, and the very first item on the list is Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Browser Control, and choosing it shows that it contains AcroPDF. Do you have Acrobat installed on your machine? If not, you can't automate it. – Ken White Nov 8 at 14:54
  • Yes I have done that. But the Tpdf component is still not available in rad studio. I have Acrobat installed. – kjetilmh Nov 8 at 15:02
  • The component is not TPDF. As I said before, the control is AcroPDF, which (if you check the box at the bottom of the import dialog that says Create component wrapper) will result in a component named TAcroPDF that will be on the ActiveX tab in the Component Palette. – Ken White Nov 8 at 15:04
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    We use a commercial product (Gnostice PDF Tools), but I that wasn't the case I would use CEF4Delphi (a component to use in Delphi the Chromium Embedded Framework), so I would be able to show PDFs without depending on Acrobat being or not being installed. – Marc Guillot Nov 8 at 16:18
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    When you say you have Acrobat installed, do you mean Acrobat Reader or the full editing version, Adobe Acrobat? – MartynA Nov 8 at 16:50

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