I'm currently struggling with creating a script in Google Sheets.

What would I like to do?
I would like to calculate the workload of a team on different projects, i.e. how many hours have been spent per project, based on a capacity sheet in which all team members enter their different project work on a daily basis.

Which solutions have I tried? I tried the forms CountIF and SumIF, but I always get an error message: Array arguments to COUNTIFS are of different size.

The formula I tried out is: =COUNTIFS('CAPACITY'!B4:B45,"John", 'CAPACITY'!D4:DD45, "Project Alpha")

The goal should be to be able to say at the end how many hours per project per month each team member has incurred.

In the sheet, each line represents 2 working hours.

The cream on the cherry would be if you could distinguish in the script between Normal Hrs and Overcapacity. Should be: 4 x 2 = 8 hrs as normal day + additional hrs = overcapacity.

Can anyone help me building the script or at least give me a hint? I don't know much about scripts. That would be amazing! If you need more information, pls let me know.

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The formula in the screenshot below is situated below the data range, but that's not critical, it could go on anywhere.

Summary: Hours by Project by Day


Total shifts: =COUNTA(D4:D45)

Per Project (Normal Time): =countifs({D$4:D$7,D$11:D$14,D$18:D$21,D$25:D$28, D$32:D$35,D$39:D$42},$C50)

Per Project (Overtime): =countifs({D$8:D$10,D$15:D$17,D$22:D$24,D$29:D$31, D$36:D$38,D$43:D$45},$C50)

Total project shifts: =sum(D49:D65)

Proof (s. be zero): =D66-D47

The criteria range in COUNTIFS is expressed as an array (each array segment relates to a specific employee). This simplifies the formula and requires only one criterion.

The formula can be copied across the data table

  • Hi Tedinoz, it's working! Many thanks for your support here! I probably just thought it was too complicated. In any case, I am very happy about the result and thank you very much! – PlsSupportMe Nov 13 at 20:09

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