I want to know if possible to replace my acces with user name and password : SFTP with an access with Key SSH, in a .NET program,

string slogPath = string.IsNullOrEmpty(sLocalPathLogFile) ? System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory : sLocalPathLogFile;

if (!initFicLog(slogPath, "TransportFTP_" + sFlow + "_B1"))
    ClsLogMess.TraceMess(" Impossible de creer LOG stockés dans " + slogPath, isConsole);

// Console.WriteLine("{0} Démarrage Recherche nouveaux fichiers ", DateTime.Now.ToString("YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:dd"));
// Set Init value
sFtpServer = Properties.Settings.Default.FtpServer;
sFtpUser = Properties.Settings.Default.FtpUser;
sFtpPassword = Properties.Settings.Default.FtpPassword;
sFtpPort = Properties.Settings.Default.FtpPort;
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  • Yes, you can implement an SSH public key authentication in C#. – You can implement anything in C#. – Your question is way too broad for any meaningful answer. – Martin Prikryl Nov 8 at 20:47

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