I have created a microservice application using JHipster. In one of the service, I have made changes under src/main/webapp/app directory to change contents in the TypeScript file but I am unable to include the changes in the docker image which I am building using ./mvnw -Pprod verify jib:dockerBuild command.

This commands only builds the changes under src/main/java folder but not the changes under the src/main/webapp/app directory.

Is there any other command which I should use to build the UI changes?

  • The microservices in JHipster are not supposed to have a UI, it's the role of the gateway. – Gaël Marziou Nov 8 at 21:50
  • I have created a microservice application which includes 1 gateway and 3 backend microservices. i was talking about the 1 gateway application which I have – rakesh Nov 9 at 0:02
  • Webpack builds the UI, in dev you must run npm start (see jhipster.tech/development/#working-with-angular) and when you run a prod build, maven runs webpack. – Gaël Marziou Nov 9 at 0:07

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