function Window (options)
      -- check mandatory options
      if type(options.title) ~= "string" then
        error("no title")
      elseif type(options.width) ~= "number" then
        error("no width")
      elseif type(options.height) ~= "number" then
        error("no height")

      -- everything else is optional
              options.x or 0,    -- default value
              options.y or 0,    -- default value
              options.width, options.height,
              options.background or "white",   -- default
              options.border      -- default is false (nil)

I'm reading this from the link: https://www.lua.org/pil/5.3.html. I was just wondering, what exactly is this function call _Window(....)?

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    It's a function call. There's nothing special about it. And the text right above it says "Assuming a primitive _Window function that actually creates the new window (and that needs all arguments)," – Nicol Bolas Nov 8 at 18:01
  • The second calls is calling your "real" function with default values included. I believe this was what you were asking regarding "named arguments" in another question posted the other day. – Nifim Nov 8 at 18:12

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