I have two files: story.wav (180 seconds) and background-music.wav (90 seconds). I need a FFMpeg command that merges the two files and fades in background-music.wav (with esin) 30 seconds before the end of story.wav.

I have this in separate commands:

ffmpeg -i background-music.wav -filter_complex afade=t=in:curve=esin:ss=0:d=30 fadein.wav
ffmpeg -i fadein.wav -af "adelay=150000|150000" delayed.wav
ffmpeg -i delayed.wav -i story.wav -filter_complex amix=inputs=2:duration=longest final.wav

This is ugly - and it has the problem, that the volume of the first part is only 50% (the volume should be kept).

There must be an elegant way to achieve this in one command - but how?

Bonus question: how can I convert the result to mp3 (with parameters like bit rate set) in the same command?

Thanks for any help! Sebastian



ffmpeg -i background-music.wav -i story.wav
-b:a 128k final.mp3
  • That looks very good, thanks! However, it doubles the volume of both files, so the background music is too loud now. The volume=2 should only be executed on the first file. – Sebastian Nov 8 at 19:46
  • Thanks, that's it! And I actually understand FFMpeg now (a little better). – Sebastian Nov 9 at 12:20

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