I am trying to validate an integer field using a FormRequest class extension. The validation works fine in most cases but i found an issue.

The rule is

'operation_id'      => 'required|integer|min:1'

It works with values like:

operation_id: 0  //false
operation_id: 0s //false
operation_id: -1 //false
operation_id: 1  //true

But It fails when setting value

operation_id: 0\n //It throws a true when it should be a false

I am using Laravel 5.8, and I am sending the data to test requests validation through Postman.

  • 0\n is not an integer, so even if it passes min it should still fail at integer – Ayrton Nov 8 at 18:40
  • yes, but it doesn't :( – lucianov88 Nov 8 at 18:43
  • is that a literal '0\n' or are you trying to say that is "0\n" ... 0 with a new line? – lagbox Nov 8 at 20:56
  • 0 with new line – lucianov88 Nov 9 at 23:14

The Laravel's integer validation is simply using PHP's filter_var function. (Laravel Source).

Which for some reason will parse "0\n" (zero + new line) as a valid integer 0.

// Example:

$var = "0\n"; // This get's parsed as zero + new line
$result = filter_var($var, FILTER_VALIDATE_INT); // true

$var = '0\n'; // This is string literal "0\n"
$result = filter_var($var, FILTER_VALIDATE_INT); // FALSE

So, it seems like the integer validation passes for the above reason and the min passes because the string length (3) is > the min (1).


You can trim all the inputs before validation:

$request->merge(array_map("trim", $request->all()));

so the trim will remove all whitespace chars including newline from the string.

  • there is a TrimStrings middleware that should already be in place as a global middleware – lagbox Nov 8 at 20:55
  • If it was there there won't be a newline at the end of the input I guess, right? – Taha Paksu Nov 8 at 22:29

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