I created a laravel job to be executed on specific date and time, lets say for tomorrow, but i want to have a manual button that can override the time and execute that queued job before its set execution time,

so that if i click a button ajax call is created to server with job ID sent to it, and it executes that job today instead of tomorrow.

For failed jobs we have option to manually retry that failed job. We can use following command for that.

php artisan queue:retry JOBIDHERE

but i am not sure what to use for executing a already queued job, that is queued to execute for later.

I can get the Job ID. Its just is it possible to execute the Laravel Job before its execution set time.

I searched google but did not found anyone with such problem and solution.

I am using Laravel Ver 5.8. Using Mysql 5.7


Following is the payload for the queued Job.

I tried to use Json Decode and decoded it, But i am not sure if i am able to update the command for that queue so that i can update the date and time for the queue and save it back to the queued job record.

{"displayName":"App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment","job":"Illuminate\\Queue\\CallQueuedHandler@call","maxTries":null,"delay":null,"timeout":null,"timeoutAt":null,"data":{"commandName":"App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment","command":"O:40:\"App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment\":17:{s:57:\"\u0000App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment\u0000transactionType\";s:7:\"payment\";s:57:\"\u0000App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment\u0000principalAmount\";d:9999;s:56:\"\u0000App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment\u0000customerNumber\";s:4:\"BR-2\";s:50:\"\u0000App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment\u0000currency\";s:3:\"aud\";s:58:\"\u0000App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment\u0000singleUseTokenID\";N;s:55:\"\u0000App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment\u0000payway_helper\";O:29:\"App\\Http\\Helpers\\PaywayHelper\":0:{}s:54:\"\u0000App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment\u0000impodenceKey\";s:36:\"afedfc34-d08e-4831-a4aa-29de930d6b98\";s:49:\"\u0000App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment\u0000headers\";a:0:{}s:60:\"\u0000App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment\u0000localInvestmentObj\";O:45:\"Illuminate\\Contracts\\Database\\ModelIdentifier\":4:{s:5:\"class\";s:33:\"App\\Models\\Investment\\Investments\";s:2:\"id\";i:374;s:9:\"relations\";a:2:{i:0;s:8:\"investor\";i:1;s:13:\"investor.user\";}s:10:\"connection\";s:5:\"mysql\";}s:54:\"\u0000App\\Jobs\\Payway\\UpdateCustomerInvestment\u0000paywayTotals\";O:45:\"Illuminate\\Contracts\\Database\\ModelIdentifier\":4:{s:5:\"class\";s:38:\"App\\Models\\Banking\\Payway\\PaywayTotals\";s:2:\"id\";i:1;s:9:\"relations\";a:0:{}s:10:\"connection\";s:5:\"mysql\";}s:6:\"\u0000*\u0000job\";N;s:10:\"connection\";N;s:5:\"queue\";s:6:\"payway\";s:15:\"chainConnection\";N;s:10:\"chainQueue\";N;s:5:\"delay\";O:13:\"Carbon\\Carbon\":3:{s:4:\"date\";s:26:\"2019-11-12 23:35:22.752222\";s:13:\"timezone_type\";i:3;s:8:\"timezone\";s:16:\"Australia\/Sydney\";}s:7:\"chained\";a:0:{}}"}}

Update 2:

When i unserialized the payload Command.

i got the following information.

enter image description here

So i am trying to update that delay date, hopefully it will work.

But from the answer of "Julian Stark", i might also will have to update the available_at as well.

So my theory is when the queue runs it will look for jobs based on available_at, but when the job is executing and it will have the delay, it might not execute at that specific time. Its only a theory not yet tested.

Thou i will update both of these dateTimes and will check back if everything works smoothly.

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I want to update the Execution Time either to delay more the existing queue Job or removing the delay and executing the selected queued job.


In a similar use case i just updated the jobs available_at time, so the queue:listen command executes the job as soon as possible

DB::table('jobs')->where('id', $jobId)->update(['available_at' => time()]);

I don't know if this is the correct way to do it, but it worked for me

  • this should work :O – OMi Shah 2 days ago
  • Updated my question with new findings. Please check those out. Thankyou for mentioning about the available_at. – Sizzling Code 2 days ago
  • I tested my example in laravel 5.8 without modifying the payload delay and the job executes, so your theory mentioned in Update 2 is wrong – Julian Stark 2 days ago
  • I'd change time() to DB::raw('NOW()') just to be sure. – Styx 5 hours ago

updating the time of queued job will be the bad practice instead of that you can flush the scheduled job and run dispatch now function.

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