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I'm writing code that generates a <iframe> so that other people can put this code on their sites, one of the functions of this <iframe> is requestFullscreen();

This request is working optimally, but it does not allow to do this in a cross domain.

Below is an image representing the structure of the elements.

enter image description here

PHP main page code

<div id="alpha">
    <a href="#">A simple full screen template</a>

JS code


        var screenresize = $('#alpha').get(0);
        return false;

Cross domain HTML/PHP code

<iframe src="http://experimental.devz/iframe.php"></iframe>

I know it's possible to do this because youtube also works the same way, although your code is scrambled, I know it does it or similar.

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You will need an iframe with the attribute allow="fullscreen"

Set allow="fullscreen can activate fullscreen mode by calling the requestFullscreen() method.

See this iframe: The Inline Frame element


<iframe allow="fullscreen" src="http://experimental.devz/iframe.php"></iframe>

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