For the fist time I have some problems creating a "complex" UI with delphi. I use a 4K monitor for development & testing and I have some scaling issues.

My app use a 2 column design, think of a diff view under a source control where you have a left pane and a right pane that mirror themselves component wise but the content (text) of these components are different.

To give you an idea I do this on the form resize:

edtFixExifLeftFile.Width := Floor((pnlFixExifTop.ClientWidth - (bbpFixExifBrowseLeft.Width * 2 + 42)) / 2);
bbpFixExifBrowseLeft.Left := edtFixExifLeftFile.Left + edtFixExifLeftFile.Width + 5;

edtFixExifRightFile.Left := bbpFixExifBrowseLeft.Left + bbpFixExifBrowseLeft.Width + 16;
edtFixExifRightFile.Width := edtFixExifLeftFile.Width;
bbpFixExifBrowseRight.Left := edtFixExifRightFile.Left + edtFixExifRightFile.Width + 5;

This way both columns take 50% of the space. This is pixel perfect when used in a HD environment (1080p) but in a 4K environment the scaling (my TForm.Scaled = True) completely "eats" one of the margins (I use 8px margins and the scaling take about 9px more than expected). This make the look wrong in 4K (the right TEdit overflow the TForm a bit).

How can I create a pixel perfect UI in HD and 4K environments? What is the right way to code my component resize?

I use the latest version of Delphi (10.3) and I don't use fancy components (only "stock" VCL).

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    You have to account for the DPI in your coordinates and your code doesn't. – David Heffernan Nov 8 at 21:04
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    You can use a TGridPanel with two columns set to 50% width. – Uwe Raabe Nov 9 at 8:57
  • @David Heffernan Can you give a simple example like on how to sync the height or width of 2 components with DPI taken into account. – AlexV 12 mins ago

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