I am developing a service in Java and with spring Framework, that uses javax.validation annotations in the methods, like this example:

public void method(
    @NotNull @Positive Integer val1, 
    @NotNull @PastOrPresent Date startDate, 
    @NotNull @PastOrPresent Date endDate);

When I write the annotation @Validated in the class, it work fine, however I have some problems with Circular dependencies in some classes StackOverFlow and the annotation @Validated produces UnsatisfiedDependencyException errors. (I will not be able to change to @Lazy, but in spite of I have to validate with javax.validation annotation).

Therefor, I want to validate the method programmatic, however I have not found the way to do it for methods yet, I Only was able to from class (when I use Dto class), with the method validate of Validated class.

Does someone can tell me how to do it.


Updated 11/09/2019:

I have found a way to do it from the follows method:

private <T> void validate(T currentObject, String methodName, Object...parameterValues) {
    Set<ConstraintViolation<T>> errors=null;
    ExecutableValidator executableValidator  = validator.forExecutables();
    for (Method method : currentObject.getClass().getMethods()) {
      if (methodName.equals(method.getName())) {
          errors = executableValidator.validateParameters(currentObject, method, parameterValues);
    System.out.println((errors != null && !errors.isEmpty())?"There are exceptions":"There are not exceptions");

If someone can do it with reflections and easiest, I will thanks you.

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