I have an Excel workbook that was uploaded and edited in Google Sheets. It is then downloaded as an XLSX file. I've written a parser in Java Spring using Apache POI that iterates through the sheet and saves the data to a database. The parser works correctly for both the XLSX file before and after it has gone through Google Sheets.

The Java method being used to parse the Excel file is as follows:

private Workbook getWorkbook(InputStream inputStream, String excelType) throws IOException {

    Workbook workbook = null;

    if (excelType.equalsIgnoreCase("xls")){

        workbook = new HSSFWorkbook(inputStream);
    }else if (excelType.equalsIgnoreCase("xlsx")){

        workbook = new XSSFWorkbook(inputStream);

    return workbook;

The workbook object returned has 16 rows when I use the file directly as saved from Excel, but it has 996 rows when I use the version downloaded from Google.

How can I detect whatever is missing/incorrect in the XLSX file so that I don't have all the extra rows?

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    First: Your showed code is not parsing the Excel file. It does nothing else but creating a Workbook object. Second: A workbook does not contain rows. It contains sheets which contain rows. Third: If a sheet contains more rows after edited, then rows were added. Those added rows either have content or have formatting at least. – Axel Richter Nov 9 at 7:37

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