I need to run a script recursively in the directory and trigger some functions if DAV files exist. However, the code does not work correctly. I need the process of executing task 01 if it does not exist in the DAV file, and perform the task 02 execution case in the DAV file.


link for download file test: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/78w681qb4r29t6q/AABd7H73uFsl1JDGtIPEnVQHa?dl=0

cd E:\TESTE\1002
For /R %%G in (*.Dav) do IF NOT EXIST "%%G" GOTO SKIP01
For /R %%G in (*.Dav) do IF EXIST "%%G" GOTO SKIP02
PING -n 10 -w 600 >NUL 
for %%A IN (*.dav) do ffmpeg -i "%%A" -r 0.2 -bt 20M -s 480x300 "%%~nA"%%03d.jpg

Running it even enters the subfolders of the specified directory, recognizes the DAV files, but keeps repeating the line of LOOP 01, and does not go to GOTO SKIP01. I would like if there is a DAV file it goes straight to LOOP02 and calls GOTO skip02.

  • This should be about all you need: for /r %%A IN (*.dav) do ffmpeg -i "%%A" -r 0.2 -bt 20M -s 480x300 "%%~nA.jpg" – somebadhat yesterday
  • %~nA is the filename. What where you trying to do with %%03d – somebadhat yesterday
  • What OS? 32 or 64-bit? – somebadhat yesterday
  • Instead of telling us about the script tell us what you are trying to do. Be exact, thorough, measured, complete. From a to z. Tell us everything you are trying to do. Put it in your question not as a comment. – somebadhat yesterday

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