We are planning in writing 10000 JSON Documents to Azure Cosmos DB (MongoDB), Does the Throughput Units matter, if so, can we increase for the batch load and set it back to low number


Yes you can do that. The lowest the RUs can be is 400. Scale up before you're about to do your insert and then turn it down again. As always, that part can be automated if you know when the documents are going to be inserted.

Check out the DocumentClient documentation and more specifically ReplaceOfferAsync.


Yes this is possible. You can have an Azure Function to change the RUs as you need.

create the new offer with the throughput increment added to the current throughput

int newThroughput = throughputCurrent + RUIncrement;
offer = new OfferV2(offer, newThroughput);

persist the changes
await client.ReplaceOfferAsync(offer);

Azure Function to Change RUs

  • Just FYI there's no dependency on Azure Functions, to scale a Cosmos DB collection. – David Makogon Nov 9 at 5:06
  • yes but just a suggestion – Sajeetharan Nov 9 at 5:08

You can scale the RU/sec allocation up or down at any time. You'll want to look at your insertion cost (RU cost is returned in a header) for a typical document, to get an idea of how many documents you might be able to write, per second, before getting throttled.

Also keep in mind: if you scale your RU out beyond what an underlying physical partition can provide, Cosmos DB will scale out your collection to have additional physical partitions. This means you might not be able to scale your RU back down to the bare minimum later (though you will be able to scale down).

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