I have attached below my code for a picture puzzle program in which the user slides tiles to solve the puzzle. However, it seems to break for grids of size 3x3 but works perfectly for 4x4 and onwards.

I am also still working with the CheckSolution procedure and cannot confirm that it's perfect.

The CheckSolution procedure is not the cause of the issue, the issue has existed since before.

I am open to suggestions as to how I can improve my code/ develop my coding patterns.

Here's a youtube video of my code working.

My code:

import pygame
from PIL import Image
import sys
import random

Black = (0,0,0)
NoRows = 3
NoCols = 3
BlankTile = (NoCols-1,NoRows-1) #default position of black square on grid


#Loading the image and calculating the tile sizes
ImageFilename = "Image2.jpg"
PuzzleImage = Image.open(ImageFilename)
ImageSize = PuzzleImage.size
TileWidth = int(PuzzleImage.width/ NoRows)
TileHeight = int(PuzzleImage.height/ NoCols)

#Creating borders for the tiles
HorBorder = pygame.Surface((TileWidth,1))
VertBorder = pygame.Surface((1, TileHeight))

#Dividing image into tiles
Tiles = {}
PuzzleImage = pygame.image.load(ImageFilename)
for Col in range(NoCols):
    for Row in range(NoRows):
        Tile = PuzzleImage.subsurface(Col*TileWidth, Row*TileHeight, TileWidth, TileHeight)
        Tiles[(Col,Row)] = Tile
        if (Col,Row) != BlankTile:
            Tile.blit(HorBorder, (0,0))
            Tile.blit(HorBorder, (0,TileHeight-1))
            Tile.blit(VertBorder, (0,0))
#Setting the blanktile to a black square and tracking where each tile is, including the blanktile
BoardState = {(c,r): (c,r) for c in range(NoCols) for r in range(NoRows)}
InitalBoardState = BoardState
(EmptyCol,EmptyRow) = BlankTile

#Display puzzle board to the user
Display = pygame.display.set_mode(ImageSize)
pygame.display.set_caption("Picture Puzzle V1")
Display.blit (PuzzleImage, (0, 0))

def swap (Col, Row) :
    global EmptyCol, EmptyRow
    Display.blit(Tiles[BoardState[(Col, Row)]],(EmptyCol*TileWidth, EmptyRow*TileHeight))
    Display.blit(Tiles[BlankTile],(Col*TileWidth, Row*TileHeight))
    BoardState[(EmptyCol, EmptyRow)] = BoardState[(Col, Row)]
    BoardState[(Col, Row)] = BlankTile
    (EmptyCol, EmptyRow) = (Col, Row)

# shuffle the puzzle by making some random shift moves
def shuffle() :
    global EmptyCol, EmptyRow
    #tracking directions to prevent undo
    LastDirection = 0
    for i in range(NoRows*NoCols):
        while True:
            direction = random.randint(1, NoRows)
            if (LastDirection + direction == 5):
                #checking for undo
            if direction == 1 and (EmptyCol > 0):
                swap(EmptyCol - 1, EmptyRow) # shift left
            elif direction == 4 and (EmptyCol < NoCols - 1):
                swap(EmptyCol + 1, EmptyRow) # shift right
            elif direction == 2 and (EmptyRow > 0):
                swap(EmptyCol, EmptyRow - 1) # shift up
            elif direction == 3 and (EmptyRow < NoRows - 1):
                swap(EmptyCol, EmptyRow + 1) # shift down

def CheckSolution():
    BoardState = {(c,r): (c,r) for c in range(NoCols) for r in range(NoRows)}
    if BoardState == InitalBoardState:
        PuzzleSolved = True

at_start = True
showing_solution = False
PuzzleSolved = False
while True:
    event = pygame.event.wait()
    if event.type == pygame.QUIT:
    elif event.type == pygame.MOUSEBUTTONDOWN :
        if at_start:
            #shuffle upon first click
            at_start = False
        elif event.dict['button'] == 1:
            #left click to swap
            MousePosition = pygame.mouse.get_pos()
            Col = int(MousePosition[0] / TileWidth)
            Row = int(MousePosition[1] / TileHeight)
            if (    (abs(Col-EmptyCol) == 1 and Row == EmptyRow) or (abs(Row-EmptyRow) == 1 and Col == EmptyCol)): swap(Col, Row)
        elif event.dict['button'] == 3:
            #right click to show solution
            saved_image = Display.copy()
            Display.blit(PuzzleImage, (0, 0))
            showing_solution = True
    elif showing_solution and (event.type == pygame.MOUSEBUTTONUP):
        # stop showing the solution
        Display.blit (saved_image, (0, 0))
        showing_solution = False
    elif PuzzleSolved == True:
        print("Puzzle has been solved")

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  • 2
    What do you mean by "breaks"? – C_Z_ Nov 8 at 22:44
  • Here's a suggestion: I find your code is very hard to read because it doesn't follow the PEP 8 - Style Guide for Python Code — which I strongly suggest you read and start following, especially if you want others to help you with it. With respect to asking questions here, check out How do I ask a good question? – martineau Nov 8 at 22:50
  • direction = random.randint(1, NoRows) should be direction = random.randint(1, 4). Therefore, your shuffle never goes to the right when NoRows < 4. – JohanC Nov 8 at 23:26
  • I think the programming style is quite readable. Problem is that the code is very long, and the description of the bug is just "it breaks" without extra explanation. – JohanC Nov 8 at 23:28

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