I have test cards from my payment processor but I do not have enough to do load testing , thus I need to generate card numbers and track data I can use through their test gateway.


You want to look at ISO 7813 for Track 1 & 2 generation.

Depending on your gateway, however, they may reject cards other than the test cards they've given you. You might also want to warn them you're going to load test; I've had many card processors get very angry that we didn't tell them in advance that we were going to hammer their test system.

If you're load testing on a live system, prepare to pay big. =) I once ran up quite a bit in fees ($10k?) by processing invalid authorizations. (I was trying to find an extremely elusive bug only seen in production and needed an end-to-end test. It turns out the bug was due to someone buying a cheaper alternative to a BigIP load balancer; so they saved up front but spent it anyway later.)

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