I am plucking an ISO8601 variable "$sunrise" from an API. Now I'd like to convert it to the local time. I have the $timeZone (America/Denver style) also as a variable.

An ISO8601 time stamp looks like this: 2019-11-09T11:36:14+00:00

I'd like a people friendly time in local time zone. This will be sunrise.

I have tried every combination in a script I can think of like this:

TZ="$timeZone" newSunrise=echo $date -d "$sunrise" +"%s"

I can't get it to work. Will someone please give me a hand?

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    edit your question to include examples of input and expected output
    – jhnc
    Nov 9, 2019 at 4:26

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You need to put the timezone into the date reference, eg:

newsunrise=$(date -d"TZ=\"${timeZone}\" $var")

Building on above solution, and generating result in the 'local time'

date -d"TZ=$(date +%Z) $var"

Calling date +%Z is required as the environment variable TZ is not always set. In those cases, the system-wide 'local time zone' (I believe /etc/timezone, but there could be additional logic).

  • I tried to fashion a line from your suggestion, but it fails too. I'm sure what you've written is fine on the command line and it's my conversion to cron executable code causing the trouble.
    – Geoff Fox
    Nov 9, 2019 at 8:49

date on Linux and date on macOS have differences. If you are on macOS, you could install the Linux version of date with brew and then use user4829160's answer with a tiny change.

# Install the Linux version of date
brew install coreutils

# Use gdate instead of date
newsunrise=$(gdate -d"TZ=\"${timeZone}\" $var")
echo $newsunrise

My code will be going in a program and assigning a variable. I tried adapting both your suggestions, but neither worked as implemented by me.

newSunrise=date -d"TZ=$(date +%Z) $sunrise"

No data is stored in $newSunrise

Also, why did you escape out the quotes? I'm just learning.

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