I am building an internal website at my work. After implementing Permission-based-access control, I am trying to create a place where users can create roles. The problem is this. Whenever I click on the textfield the cursor keeps disappearing. Which means I can't type a word at all.

I can enter a value by clicking the textfield and tapping on the keyboard really fast simultaneously. I am not getting any error message.

I am using the form dialog straight from https://material-ui.com/components/dialogs/#form-dialogs. I import this component in a parent component to use it. It's not linked to any of my function yet.

I created extra <input type="text" /> in both inside and outside of the Dialog tag to see if I am getting the same problem. Those <input type="text" /> inside of Dialog tag have the same issue, but the outside one works fine.

import React from 'react';
import Button from '@material-ui/core/Button';
import TextField from '@material-ui/core/TextField';
import Dialog from '@material-ui/core/Dialog';
import DialogActions from '@material-ui/core/DialogActions';
import DialogContent from '@material-ui/core/DialogContent';
import DialogContentText from '@material-ui/core/DialogContentText';
import DialogTitle from '@material-ui/core/DialogTitle';

export default function FormDialog() {
  const [open, setOpen] = React.useState(false);

  const handleClickOpen = () => {

  const handleClose = () => {

  return (
      <Button variant="outlined" color="primary" onClick={handleClickOpen}>
        Open form dialog
      <input type="text" />
      <Dialog open={open} onClose={handleClose} aria-labelledby="form-dialog-title">
        <input type="text" />
        <DialogTitle id="form-dialog-title">Subscribe</DialogTitle>
            To subscribe to this website, please enter your email address here. We will send updates
          <input type="text" />
            label="Email Address"
          <Button onClick={handleClose} color="primary">
          <Button onClick={handleClose} color="primary">

Any insights?

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    Please provide a CodeSandbox that reproduces your problem. The code you provided works fine on its own. I suspect something outside of the code shown is causing the whole dialog to remount as you type. – Ryan Cogswell Nov 9 at 5:07

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