I've migrated from v3 to v4 material ui version. My app is isomorphic and does first rendering by using SSR and then render the page on the client-side. I've followed this instruction https://material-ui.com/guides/server-rendering/ to configure SSR but what do I see :

SSR head

enter image description here

CSR head

enter image description here

What do I show here ? I show that on the client-side rendering you can see styles which I've created by using makeStyles but on SSR I don't see these styles it isn't injected it . Here us my code for CSR:

enter image description here

and for SSR properly:

enter image description here

and also I inject it to html in this way:

const materialCss = sheets.toString()
<style id="jss-server-side">${materialCss}</style>

I don't really understand what do I do wrong here. Pls, let me know if you need more information. I will attach it.

  • I understood that it isn't possible to solve it, material load styles in this time and only what you can do to prevent it , you can use material-ui.com/components/skeleton, to show the user some content before styles will be loaded to the page. As I understood even youtube do the same approach. – Andrey Radkevich Nov 10 at 7:28

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