No default styles are present in MUI components in a next.js 9.1.3 project. Styling from other libraries (Polaris) still works, however.

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I'm using Material-UI v4.6.0, React 16.10.1, Chrome 78, and TypeScript 3.7.2. Here is my test component

import AppBar from "@material-ui/core/AppBar";
import ToolBar from "@material-ui/core/Toolbar";
import Paper from "@material-ui/core/Paper";
import Tabs from "@material-ui/core/Tabs";
import Tab from "@material-ui/core/Tab";
import Button from "@material-ui/core/Button";

 ////// Render //////
 return (
        onChange={(event, newValue) => setSelectedTab(newValue)}
        <Tab label="Rules" value="rules" />
        <Tab label="Open / Issue Tickets" value="openIssue" />
        <Tab label="Closed Tickets" value="closed" />
        <Tab label="Settings" value="settings" />

    <BottomMarginSpacer />

      <PolarisButton>Polaris Button</PolarisButton>

      <Button variant="contained" style={{color: "red"}}>Material UI Button</Button>

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