As a month ago, Ionic published their full version of "Ionic React". My personal experience with Ionic is based on Angular JS, so, how can I use Ionic with Angular JS in Ionic React or is it possible ?

Edit:As Angular JS is now on https://killedbygoogle.com , this topic has importance.


You have to have an understanding of reactjs to use Ionic React. Ionic has moved to Angular (2+) and recently to React and Vue as well. React works with Virtual DOM whereas Angularjs with Regular DOM. Also, language is also different. React uses JSX and Angularjs, javascript and HTML. Another interesting thing is that React is Library and Angularjs is a Framework.

So, I don't think using Angularjs with Ionic React makes much sense.

You should learn the basics of React if you want to work with Ionic React. If you to want to stick with Angular(2+) then you have to learn Typescript. As of today, Ionic Angular is more stable than Ionic React. Ionic React just got released and will take some time to get fully stable.

  • Okay, so, I should learn Ionic tutorials which are only available for Ionic with Angular Js, and then, I should learn reactjs and then combine my knowledge in plain Ionic and reactjs ? – Poussy Nov 10 at 7:45
  • You just need reactjs and capacitor. See here. It is not recommended to use Ionic v1. Ionic has officially moved on from AngularJs. The latest official version of ionic is now 4. The official doc will help you better understand how to start with Ionic React. I would say just learn the basics of Reactjs, that's all you need to start. – Mark Sinista Nov 10 at 8:54
  • Okay. Got it. Thanks. – Poussy Nov 10 at 17:09

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