I have a state interface including many states. By clicking a button I want to set one of the states and clear all others to their initial value. I used this approach for writing an intial state and keep a copy of the initial state but any time I use it I have to hardcode my new state's value like this: In constructor after initializing my state I create a copy of the initial state:

this.baseState = this.state;

then anytime I need to clear the state to its initial value I have to

this.baseState.someStateName = someStateValue;

What is the best practice to do this?

  • Welcome to Stack Overflow. Showing us 2 lines of code isn't enough information - is this in the constructor? and what is viewModel? – Mikkel Nov 9 at 8:28

Perhaps you can try something like this:

this.setState(Object.assign({}, defaultState(), {someStateName: someStateValue}));

For more override values, keep appending to the right if you wish.

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